How To Setup An Operation | Anonymous


1 Tips for setting up an operation

* You will likely have started an operation because you disagree with something. Rather than trying to fight the people that caused this, try to focus on what the thing is that you disagree with, and preventing that from happening (or, if that is your goal, spreading awareness). Revenge seldom has the intended result. Clearly think of what the issue is, and how it can be resolved.

* Even if you think you've read carefully, read everything on this form twice, and think about it a second time. The human brain has a habit of 'caching' answers to questions, and that may not always give you the best answer to a question. By thinking about it again, you force your brain to give a 'real' answer.

* Have clear communication channels. Even though Anonymous as a whole is a decentralized entity, it's typically a good idea to centralize the main organizational aspects of an operation, even if there is no set hierarchy. This makes it easier for people that are unfamiliar with how Anonymous works, to participate and learn more about both your operation, and Anonymous as a whole. An IRC channel is usually a good start, as is a Twitter feed. Try to stay away from websites that offer you free blogs, web hosting, or forums, unless you really know what you're doing - these websites tend to freeze your account at the first hint of controversy.

* Take the time to set up an operation. Most causes do not require you to respond in one or two days, so it's perfectly fine to spend a few days on organization and planning, before you actually do anything.

* Don't just mentally answer these questions! You should actually write down or type out the answers, to make sure you're not overlooking something.

2 Defining the main goals of your operation

Important: When defining the goal or goals of your operation, you should not take into account the ideas you have to carry out the operation! Doing so anyway will result in the common human habit of putting the cart before the horse (also known as 'reversed reasoning'), which will cause your operation to be less efficient than it could have been. In short: start from a blank canvas.

2.1 The cause of your operation
1 What 'undesired circumstance' caused you to set up this operation? Examples: the extradition of someone, the closing down of a website, arrests of activists, etc.
2 Who is responsible for this undesired circumstance? This can be a person or an organization.
 *If an organization was responsible, were there any specific employees or members of that organization that coordinated the decision? If yes, are they responsible for it or were they in a situation where they had no real choice?
3 Are there any further consequences of this undesired circumstance that will not go away, even if the undesired circumstance itself is gone?

2.2 The solution for your cause
1 What has to happen for the undesired circumstance to go away? Examples: the dismissal of a court case, the denying of an extradition request, etc.
2 If there were any further consequences that would not go away, even if the undesired circumstance itself would be gone, what would have to happen for these consequences to go away?

3 Defining possible solutions and courses of action

Take some time to think of ways to achieve what you mentioned in question 2.2.1. You should answer the following questions for each of the possible solutions you came up with. Try to avoid all solutions that have been attempted before by other operations, and only use those solutions as a last resort. Ideally, your solution should be original and tailor-made for this operation.

3.1 Basic details for the solution
 What does the solution consist of?
 Who can take part in the activities for this solution?
 How long does it take to carry out this solution? A rough estimate is good enough.
 What organizational structure is needed to carry out this solution? Examples: no hierarchy, a central leader, democratic voting, etc.
 What communication channels do you need for this solution? Examples: a forum, a Twitter feed, an IRC channel, etc.

3.2 Consequences of the solution
 1What will happen if you carry out this solution successfully?
 2What will happen if the solution is attempted, but fails in some way?
 3What are the risks for participants? Be honest here, don't try to romanticize your solution.
 4Compare the answer to 3.2.1 with the answer you gave to 2.2.1. Do the answers match?
   * If the answers do not match, this solution will not be optimal and it is likely you've put the cart before the horse, which is likely to make your operation fail. Try again with a different solution.

4 Summary of your operation

You can fill in this part to make it clear to participants what they are getting involved in, what the goals are, how they can help, and what they should watch out for.
 1What will participants be doing?
 2What are the risks of participating?
 3What is the intended goal?
 4How does your solution reach the goal?
 5Is there a backup plan?
 6Where can participants go to communicatie? Examples: the IRC channel, Twitter feed, forum, etc.

Good luck with your operation!

Use Proxies with your Operations ! Click here for a proxielist ~! (test proxies first,they burn out fast)




What is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) protects your data and identity

over public networks, like the Internet and wireless hotspots.

Various protocols are used to create an encrypted tunnel that

transports data securely. While a firewall may protect the data

on your computer, a VPN will protect your data on the Internet.

The goal of a VPN is to implement the same level of security

provided by private networks at substantially lower costs.

Why use a VPN?

Most VPN's are used to add anonimity, and that results in

Public WIFI hotspots, common in airports and coffee shops, are

a hackers dream because they offer streams of visible data

waiting to be mined. Using a VPN keeps your information secure.

Also nowadays, many ISPs would like to analyze statistics from

your online activities for marketing and routing purposes.

Using a VPN blocks efforts to conduct deep packet inspections.

Similarly, search engines and social networking sites, like

Google and Facebook, are storing information about your online

habits indefinitely. Since a VPN provides the user with a

different IP address, these privacy invasions are also blocked.

VPN services provide different gateway cities where the IP

address assigned to your computer is located. This allows users

to access websites only available to users from a certain

country. This application is particularly important for

travelers who need to access websites from their home country

and for people living in regions rife with censorship, like

China and Iran.

So, using a VPN service is great to hide your anonimity online,

aswell as avoiding country blocks on websites.

Listed below you will find a compilation of the 9 best free VPN
(Virtual Private Network) services.

*Open VPN
*Its Hidden
*Hotspot Shield
*VPN Tool
*Tor VPN

Operation Cannabis 420 - The OFFICIAL Press Release - #TeamVendetta


A Radio interview clip of Anon Nuke about #OpCannabis420 on the RonBenet Ramsy Show at Bedroom Radio


Our Message To The World

Dear Citizens of the World

For far too long cannabis has been oppressed by big corporations ,big pharma and governments when it could be benefiting all of mankind on many different levels. We have heard and we have watched your government lie and deceive you on all the dangers of cannabis. Show support by making your profile pictures green this April 20th on your social network profiles. OpCannabis phase 1, initiated. We are Anonymous.....Expect us.


Attention individual people, governments, companies and fellow Anons!

We are Anonymous and we have an important message for you:
Plato said that it was ok to tell a lie ONLY if it truly benefits all of mankind.
Plato called this lie the "noble lie."

For far too long there has been a lie that has been perpetrated but it is neither noble nor does it benefit all of mankind, actually quite the opposite...the cannabis plant is one of world's oldest and best medicines that has been known as beneficial for thousands of years!

It can replace many medicines and can be made into many different things such as plastics and fuels and paints etc. The bounds of this plant are limitless, we ALL are effected by illness such as cancer, diabetes, Crohn's disease, chronic pain, mental illness, alcohol abuse and a myriad of other physical and mental disorders.

Cannabis had been proven over and over to help or even cure and reverse the effects of these diseases that will affect us all at some point in our life! Yet it is kept from the people who need its curing powers by governments, big corporations, by big pharmaceutical companies because it is a threat to the money they make! They make more money off you being sick so they do not want you to have a cure, these people do not truly care about your wellbeing only the money they will make from your illness!

Since it is an easily grown plant that can be grown freely by anyone they have made it an illegal schedule 1 drug. Cannabis has been oppressed by the powers that be that are afraid of its true benefits, and these benefits do help all of mankind! So cannabis fits the criteria for Anonymous' support. We ask that all Anons and individuals please support the legalization efforts in any way possible! Even simply signing a petition or sharing info or even just having an open mind about the subject will help!

We ask you to please educate yourself on its many benefits and share these benefits with your sick or injured friends. We all know somebody that has cancer or diabetes and cannabis has helped or cured both and many other disorders! Anonymous will begin its support for the legalization of cannabis on 4/20/12. So please show your support by educating yourselves and making your profile pic or timeline banner on your social services accts green or 420 friendly.

We have all seen the power of the SOPA blackout so Anonymous feels that we can help cure the world simply by everyone showing their support for this most beneficial plant! We must end the prohibition of cannabis!! These oppressors make trillions of dollars off of the war on drugs by keeping their privately owned jails over crowded with nonviolent drug offenders!

We are approaching the 11 billion dollar mark that the government has spent on the drug war this year alone and have put millions of nonviolent offenders behind bars. This is a true crime against humanity and needs to end! Saying cannabis is a dangerous drug and is not a medicine is NOT a noble is simply a lie!

WE ARE LEGION for legalization!
WE DO NOT FORGIVE the crimes of the War on Drugs.
WE DO NOT FORGET our brothers + sisters locked up because of it.







Securing your safety and anonymity online by the use of proxies

What are Proxies, and How are They useful?

If you were to take a close look at your Internet settings, you may notice an available option is a ‘proxy.” A proxy is nothing more than a tool your computer can use to protect you and your information. It can be thought of as a barrier; one that allows you to view websites and receive information from them without the website receiving your information.

If you were to take a close look at your Internet settings, you may notice an available option is a ‘proxy.” A proxy is nothing more than a tool your computer can use to protect you and your information. It can be thought of as a barrier; one that allows you to view websites and receive information from them without the website receiving your information.

A proxy can mean different things in computing sense, but the meaning most useful to you is "something that acts as a bridge or buffer between your computer and the web.

Why should I use a proxy?

You can use a proxy to unblock websites filtered by your office, or to protect your privacy and hide your IP address.
Some ddossing tools also have the option to insert proxies to hide your identity.

Now, there are different ways by using a proxy , but for anonimity online just by using your browser there are just a few steps to take.
You just have to google for "proxies with {insert your browser like firefox or explorer} " and you will soon find how to set your browser in the way which he will use a proxy.

But.... where do you get the proxy nrs. ?

well, we try to update as much as we can ( so before using the proxies,please test them first, they are scraped from search engines and thus many people use them, they burn out fast



In its latest attempt at controlling the internet, Congress has unveiled a fresh, new SOPA-like bill called CISPA, or the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.,

If you download and distribute copyrighted material on the Internet, or share any information that governments or corporations find inconvenient, you could soon be labeled a threat to national security in the United States. That’s the aim of a bill in Congress called the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).,

The good news is that SOPA and PIPA haven’t come to pass, but the bad news is that they could be followed by a bill that is even more invasive and could violate even more of your civil liberties. According to a press release issued last week, the bill already has over a 100 congressional co-sponsors. Yet the bill is only now beginning to appear on the public radar.
CISPA would let companies spy on users and share private information with the federal government and other companies with near-total immunity from civil and criminal liability. It effectively creates a ‘cybersecurity’ exemption to all existing laws.

CISPA, however, is nothing like SOPA, despite its recent association in the media. While SOPA included provisions that would have essentially broken the Internet by allowing the U.S. to delete domains from a central registry system, CISPA does nothing of the sort, and aims more at “cyber threat intelligence” gathering than censorship and piracy prevention.

The bill presents itself as a simple enhancement of America’s cyber-security that would amend the National Security Act to include “cyber threat intelligence” gathering. To those ends, it would tear down the firewall between private corporate networks and the National Security Agency , enabling corporations to share data with the world’s most sophisticated spy apparatus.
CISPA is an excellent example of the federal government’s interest in obtaining online superiority in the domestic War on Terror. Control and access of bits is becomes as important as atoms in modern warfare. It is no surprise that governments are seeking to extend their jurisdiction into the realms of online social activity. The Internet’s ability to dispace our actions temporally as well as geographically makes existing laws difficult to enforce, or makes them obsolete. The third amendment makes it illegal to quarter soldiers in privates homes, but that does not mean the government is prohibited from running data-collecting software on the servers that run my personal web site or store my data. The foundations of the first amendment assumed that individuals’ speech and the press were restricted to national borders. CISPA and similar legislation is the beginning of a new kind of colonization. Governments and corporate entities are interested in maintaing online, the same sorts of controls that they had offline.